Ashley Hirsch | White Label 2016
Ashley is a seasoned UI/UX designer currently living in Berlin. Highly skilled in leading product design teams through agile research, ideation, wire-framing, prototyping and user testing; followed by high fidelity mockups using styles and design systems. Recently began developing skills in digital illustration as users continue to skim content rather than read copy.
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White Label 2016

The Brief


In an effort to capture more organic traffic and deliver higher order numbers, we undertook a project to deliver responsive transactional white label websites to all 10,000 restaurants on the hungryhouse platform.

The Requirments


The product needed a fast and responsive front end which could serve as a foundation for future development. We wanted the the design to be clean and understated with enough flexibility for each restaurant to make it their own.



We looked across the landscape of the food-ordering industry to see how other actors were developing their offerings. We wanted to take a broad perspective on the competition and ask ourselves, “What is the current benchmark, and how can we provide a unique value proposition in the market place?”

Top Events


We had the benefit of having an existing site,, with a wealth of analytics about what features are working well for our users and what features are largely ignored. We also saw that the vast majority or our converting mobile customers are still using iphone 5, so we kept that small screen in mind as we went into planning our responsive grid.

Menu Section Navigation

Add Special Requests

Reading Reviews

Take Advantage of Deals

Landing Page Designs


The top priority for these pages right now is findability. SEO optimizations require the creation of a landing page which can display a variety of links and keywords. CTR to the menu despite all of these requirements is the design challenge.

Menu Page Designs


We knew we didn’t want to paste the hungryhouse menu into these pages. We wanted to design and build something from scratch that would be faster and more user friendly. I worked on a small team that reverse engineered the requirements for the various menu item types that we support. With the new design, we wanted to decrease the # of taps need to add an item into the basket.

User Testing


We conducted several in-home customer interviews using invision prototypes to gain better understanding of user behavior and perception of the site.

Thank You


hungryhouse has recently been sold the JustEat and the white label websites are no longer online. If you would like more information about the project, please contact me directly.

Last update Feb 25 2018

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