Ashley Hirsch | Partner Portal 2017
Ashley is a seasoned UI/UX designer currently living in Berlin. Highly skilled in leading product design teams through agile research, ideation, wire-framing, prototyping and user testing; followed by high fidelity mockups using styles and design systems. Recently began developing skills in digital illustration as users continue to skim content rather than read copy.
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Partner Portal 2017

The Brief


In an effort to provide our restaurant partners with greater value and control over their hungryhouse accounts, we undertook a project to redesign a fully responsive hungryhouse partner portal. Our goal was to make it easier for restaurant owners to manage their business and reduce the contact rate for basic service requests.


My role: UI/UX Designer



I spoke with internal stakeholders about the business priorities and known UX pain points. I was given a list of feature offering to consider and prioritize.



In an effort to familiarize myself with the existing feature set and site structure, I made a site map and a list of open questions.

Restaurant Interviews


I scheduled a series of interviews with our restaurant owners to find out about their needs and expectations.

When an order is declined, send me a text with the order link so I can look into it.



I set up a design kickoff and invited representatives from key departments: Customer Care, Restaurant Operations & Sales. These folks talk to our restaurant owners on a daily basis and have a strong sense of the most frequent and pressing concerns. Over the course of the first 2 hours they helped me define 4 personas, complete with memorable attributes, goals, and quotes.

Collecting Pain Points


During the kickoff, I led an exercise to help us gather observation from around the table. Participants relayed common things they hear while talking to restaurant owners. We had about 10 people in the room armed with their own stack of post it notes. They were prompted to write down as many observations as they could within 5 minutes. Then I collected them, read them out, removed the duplicates and placed them on a board. We repeated this a few times until we had the sense that we were scrapping the bottom of the barrel. We then began grouping the observations into categories.



One of the main things that makes the UX on partner portal so different from the UX on hungryhouse, is it’s open navigation. Hungryhouse is more of a funnel, but on the partner portal, we want to encourage our restaurant owners to explore and discover new areas of the site. There are a variety of time-saving tools that need to make their presence known.



We have a standing UI review meeting at 10:30am everyday, where I present the progress on the designs to the product owner and the developers.  This has been an invaluable part of our workflow. I welcome everyone to freely comment on the flow, copy, visuals and feasibility. Through this practice, the whole team has built a strong sense of ownership over the design.

Thank You


Our team is currently in the process of iterating on the partnerportal.
If you would like to view the latest version of the tool, please get in touch for credentials.
Last update Feb 25 2018

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