Ashley Hirsch | Help Center 2018
Ashley is a seasoned UI/UX designer currently living in Berlin. Highly skilled in leading product design teams through agile research, ideation, wire-framing, prototyping and user testing; followed by high fidelity mockups using styles and design systems. Recently began developing skills in digital illustration as users continue to skim content rather than read copy.
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Help Center 2018

The Brief


In an effort to decrease rate of contacts to our help center without sacrificing quality of service to our customers and restaurant partners, we undertook a project to merge the hungryhouse “contact us” page with the hungryhouse “faqs” page.


My role: UI/UX Designer

Contact Drivers


Our call center agents log the reason/resolution of every call or chat they handle. One of the first steps in this redesign process was to take a look through those logs to see what types of issues are driving the highest volume of contacts. We then pulled together a focus group of agents and supervisors to discuss the nature of these calls: average duration, best form of resolution and related issues.

Content Planning


We did an open card sorting exercise, meaning we started by identifying the issues our agents hear most frequently and then proceeded to collectively work them into categories. Categorization was done based on how inter-related or independent these issues were. We ended up with 17 top level categories, which were fairly straight forward to prioritize simply by looking at the contact logs.


A customer care stakeholder worked with an internal copy writer to define the content under each card. Together they used an existing CMS to make the updates to the live FAQs page.



Wireframing the screens was a very straightforward process. The customer care stakeholder was a fan of the helpdesk solutions offered by Zendesk. I used the basic templates offered by Zendesk as our wirefrmes. I changed very little aside from the mobile navigation. The sketch you see here is primarily for noting what content would be included on the landing screen.



In the past, we used simple icons for narrative purposes, and I felt that we should replace those with fully fleshed out illustrations. I wanted to make sure we could meet the users on their level. People who land on this page are trying to reach out for support. They are likely in a heightened emotional state and it would be great if showing a cartoon could ease their anger or let them know that we empathize with their issue. I will be implementing this illustrative style across all the hungryhouse plateforms where appropriate.


Thank You


We recently tested this design with users in the UK and have pin pointed a handful of optimizations we want to make. If you’d like to visit the current version of the site you can go to:

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